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Pipe & Cable Locating Tools

When needing a metal detector or a pipe and cable locator for your utility locating, our products are designed with knowledge specific to your industry. At Pipe Tools Inc we have a full line of magnetometers for finding iron targets such as manhole covers, valve boxes and curb stops. These tools are used across the sewer, water, and gas industries daily. We have sonde and camera head locators used specifically for the sewer and drain industry. We offer a wide range of pipe and cable locators at various wattage outputs to meet your needs. The challenges associated with various industries require the use of advanced products such as Pipe Mics or Pulse Wave Generators. These locators can be used to find non metallic pipe such as plastic pipe. This is very useful for finding plastic water services.

Complete Customer Satisfaction

We address all your service concerns with a one year manufacturers warranty on most products including our Pipe Inspection Cameras. We understand your concerns and consult with you to provide that product which will meet your specific operational and budgetary requirements.