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Schonstedt REX Pipe & Cable Locator

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Quickly and easily detect and trace underground utility lines

Affordable and Portable

Combining power, performance, price, and portability, Rex delivers higher value at a lower cost. 

  • Power: 512 Hz and 33 kHz: 1/2, 1, 2 or 5 W 82 kHz: 1/2 or 1 W
  • Performance: 3 Operating Modes: Conductive, Inductive, and Inductive Clamp
  • Portability: Entire system in one lightweight padded case 
  • Lightweight: With a transmitter that weighs 3.5 lbs and a receiver that is less than 3 lbs, the entiresystem weighs under 7 lbs. 

One Locator - All Utilities

With Rex at your side, there's no need to lug around multiple locators to job sites that may involve a range of utilities. 

  • Electric & Telecom: Rex finds 512 Hz devices, fiber optic cable, coax cable, sondes power lines, street light power, tracer wire.
  • Water & Sewer: Rex finds sondes, steel & ductile pipe, copper & lead pipe, tracer wire on non-metallic pipe, irrigation lines, water & sewer lines.

    Gas & Oil: Rex detects the path of metal gas pipelines, distribution services, tracer wire, mul tape. 

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We address all your service concerns with a one year manufacturers warranty on most products including our Pipe Inspection Cameras. We understand your concerns and consult with you to provide that product which will meet your specific operational and budgetary requirements.