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    Reduce Costly Non-Revenue Water with Real Loss Leak Detection

    Put an end to expensive leaks with help from our team at Pipe Tools. Our preferred products, modern strategies, and decades of expertise—partnered with your unique challenges—will result in custom solutions that can enhance your ROI.

Stop Real Losses

...with leak detection and a pipe condition assessment from Aquarius Spectrum and our Pipe Tools team.

Pipe Tools uses the Aquarius Spectrum Water Leak Detection and Monitoring System to identify leaks. Aquarius underground water leak detection equipment offers a modern approach to the older, more manual leak detection process.

Here's how Aquarius Spectrum works:

Listen for Leaks

Patented fixed sensors (Ground Hydrant Sensors, Below Ground Valve Sensors, Hydrophones, and specialty multi-purpose sensors) listen nightly for the telltale “whooshing” sound that lets us know there’s a leak.

Collect Data

That sound data is collected by the Aquarius software and turned into immediate user-friendly and actionable insights about the leak, its location, and its size.

Analyze Insights

Those insights are used to make strategic decisions around pipe repair and leak priority.

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With Aquarius, we’re able to identify small leaks, service leaks, bursts, leaks on hydrants, valves, and leaks on water mains up to 30” in diameter. Even better? All of the leak detection data is delivered to your desktop every day. Not yearly or every few years, but every day.

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Mobile Leak Detection by an Innovative Wireless Acoustic Sensor


Simply survey and pinpoint water leakages with a game changing Bluetooth device.

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Non-revenue water can be costly for water departments and municipalities. Water loss from pipe leaks (also known as “real losses”) keeps treated water from reaching its destination.

The US lost an estimated $7.6 billion of treated water in 2019 due to leaks.

The Economic Benefits of Investing in Water Infrastructure American Society of Engineers

Detecting and repairing these leaks not only reduces the cost of operations, it can also reduce and prevent: property damage, inflows to streams and sewer plants, administrative pressure from not addressing the leaks, and the potential for bad publicity.

Why Choose Pipe Tools for Real Loss Detection?

At Pipe Tools, under the passionate leadership and dedication of Jim Fay, you receive the Aquarius Spectrum tools specific to your unique challenges. Jim and his team also act as a strategic partner whose know-how helps you make sense of your data and increase your ROI.

When you work with larger organizations that may market themselves partly as an underground water leak detection company, often the thought-leadership gets lost in employee turnover. It may also be difficult to receive solutions that are truly customized to your needs. The agile Pipe Tools team has decades of experience creating tailored real loss non-revenue water reduction and control solutions—and our services are available to clients in all lower 48 states.

Our tools have been responsible for finding literally billions of gallons of leaked water from water main and metered pressure zones.

Jim Fay

Want to learn more?

We pride ourselves on our partnerships with our clients. We’re happy to answer any additional questions, provide a demo, and offer a quote to help meet your specific operational and budgetary needs.

Complete Customer Satisfaction

We address all your service concerns with a one year manufacturers warranty on most products including our Pipe Inspection Cameras. We understand your concerns and consult with you to provide that product which will meet your specific operational and budgetary requirements.