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iQuariusTM  An Easy-to-Use, All-in-One Leak Detection Solution

A game changer in the leak detection market solutions

Mobile Water Leak Detection

Mobile Leak Detection by an Innovative Wireless Acoustic Sensor


Simply survey and pinpoint water leakages with a game changing Bluetooth device.

Theme picker


Ultra sensitive microphone for vibration & sounds

Clear sound “Frequency shift” technique enables listening to plastic pipes
Provides graphic presentation of frequencies


One click operation

Automatic acoustic map generation
Each sample is represented by intensity number and color
Automatic filtering of background noise


One man operation

Automatic leak detection and location
Cloud based analysis
Enable GIS pipe data integration

Web Application

An online view

All measurements are updated and stored in real time on the web
An acoustic map of surveyed area highlights suspected leaks location


iQuariusTM Models

Operation and maintenance of a municipal water pipes infrastructure traditionally requires a tremendous investment in leak detection equipment. This kind of equipment is usually cumbersome to carry and complex to use.

Our mobile solutions, the gold standard in the industry, provide a proven user-friendly capability for listening, surveying, correlating and generating a complete map-based data presentation of pinpointed leaks. Recording data by teams which do not require any pre-training, is one of the key advantages of the mobile system.

Aquarius Spectrum innovative and revolutionary solution is affordable and easy-to-use. Our cutting edge patented technology is packed into a small easy to go kit, includes all the necessary equipment for an independent water leaks detection survey, fits all kinds of end users – from beginners to professional. The device that is connected to a smartphone, using a dedicated Android App., featuring a cloud-based analytical system and performs most of the operations and audit automatically.

  • Listening survey capabilities
  • 1 Acoustic Sensor
  • Listening, survey and Correlation capabilities
  • 2 Acoustic Sensors, listening stick, ground adapters
  • Listening, survey and Correlation capabilities
  • 2 Acoustic Sensors, listening stick, ground adapters
  • 2 Hydrophone sensors
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