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vonRoll Hydro Log3000 Water Leak Correlator

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Mobile notebook correlator

Von Roll Hydro Log3000 Water Leak Correlator is a mobile notebook correlator with excellent measurement characteristics for the precision acoustic location of leaks in pressurised water piping. The system can be used on all piping materials that are employed in the construction of piping networks (such as, for example, steel, castiron, plastics, cement etc.) in a precise and efficient way. The results of measurements are reported on in a simple and meaningful way and provide the basis for the unearthing of piping and subsequent repair of damage. Further, the device can be used to support work concerning the prelocation of leaks (measurement area localisation, provision of directional information, assignment of noise sources) or for the preventive inspection of pipeline sections. Additionally, the device offers the possibility for the location and the initial measurement of non-documented or illegal pipe connections. Special functions such as, for example, surface correlation, the recording of correlation characteristics (histogram) or the automatic look-up of lateral / sound-velocity factors, offer additional benefits in correlation technology. 



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