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Pearpoint P550 Flexitrax Crawler Camera

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Inspect pipes faster to complete more surveys each day 

Inspect pipes faster to complete more surveys each day 

  • The intuitive interface is quick to set up and simple to operate. 
  • Dedicated function keys make it easy to use. 
  • Built-in rechargeable batteries lasting all day. 

Stay connected 

Reports are ready to share as soon as your survey is complete. 

  • WiFi connection for sending reports via DropBox or email. 
  • Advanced connectivity with USB, HDMI and ethernet, making it easy to view and export your data. 
  • Video streaming to nearby devices. 

A suite of reporting formats 

Expand your client base by offering a variety of tailored surveys through; 

  • MSCC3, 4 & 5 compliant reports. 
  • WinCan compatible files. 
  • Basic reports. 

Customised solutions 

  • Modular by design, the flexitrax P550c system can be paired with a range of products and accessories. 
  • Our solution gives you flexibility when you need it, enabling you to survey pipes from 11⁄4" / 32mm to 60" / 1500mm.

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We address all your service concerns with a one year manufacturers warranty on most products including our Pipe Inspection Cameras. We understand your concerns and consult with you to provide that product which will meet your specific operational and budgetary requirements.