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Aquarius Spectrum Mobile Leak Detection

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Advanced digital signal processing

Modes of Operation 

  • Mode 1: Correlation between 2 smartphone- based sensors 
  • Mode 2: Non-correlated sampling with a single device 
  • Advanced digital signal processing Leak survey by noise logging and GPS-assisted noise mapping 
    • Tripod adaptor for hard surfaces Listening stick extension with rounded tip for soft surface (soil, grass) or magnet 

Sensor Technical Specifications 

  • Acoustic Sensor 
    • Pieztype, sensitivity 5V/g 
    • IP 67 
    • Temperature range: -10°:+50° C (14°:122° F) 
    • Magnetic base for connecting tpipes or other infrastructure items 
    • Cable length tadaptor 1.6m (5.25 feet) 
    • Li-Ion rechargeable battery provides over 10 hours of continuous usage
  • Supported Smartphones 
    • Android V.4 and higher 
    • Works best with LG G5 Sensor Adapter: 
    • Standard 3.5mm audijack interface smartphone 
    • Micro-USB charger connector 
    • LED indicator confirming connection phone
  • Signal Processing 
    • Digital 16 bit signal sampling 
    • Sampling rate: 8-44khz 
    • Sensor frequency response: 10-4000Hz 
    • Correlation synchronization accuracy of <0.5ms 

Acoustic Leak Survey 

  • Leak detection by acoustic measurements 
  • GPS positioning of sensors on GIS 
  • Adaptive filtering of interference and external noises 
  • Graphic equalizer 
  • Preset filtering for different sensors/extensions Correlation 
  • Automatic correlation leak detection with 2 sensors and 2 smartphones 
  • Automatic or manual sensor positioning on a map 
  • Automatic pipe length calculation using sensor location and pipe GIS 
  • Detection range in metal pipes of up t300 meters (1,000 feet) between sensors 
  • Adaptive filtering of signals

Web and Smartphone Display 

  • Map presentation of all measurements taken per task in the iQuariusTM web platform 
  • Pipe layer presentation on a map 
  • Extensive online reporting capabilities 

Operations and Auditing

  • Task-based project management 
  • Built-in leak detection report 
  • Expert online support 

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